Ackroyd & Harvey’s Radical Action Reaction at Paris Jardin de Plantes

Ackroyd & Harvey‘s Radical Action Reaction (RAR) inaugurated in Paris at the Jardin de Plantes on 3 December 2015 (image credit: ArtCop21 blog). This monumental installation consisted of a tree in front of a large live grass draping and served to inaugurate the COP21 and celebrate the role of trees in enabling cities to adapt to (and mitigate) climate change.

Radical Action Reaction (RAR) is an art project created by artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey, a continuation of their work ‘Beuys’ Acorns’ based on the reactivation of the 7000 oaks planted in Kassel in 1982 by the artist Joseph Beuys.

For The Multiple Store, in 2011 Ackroyd & Harvey created  Shoal an edition that comprises 30 small fish skeletons, each one unique and individually encrusted with a growth of alum crystals. The fish skeletons are stripped, prepared and de-greased, forming crystals around the fish bones after placement in a hot chemical solution. As it cools down, alum crystals start to form and attach themselves to the bones, effectively embalming them. Click here to find out more and to order Shoal.

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