Anya Gallaccio’s first permanent art work at Whitford Gallery, Manchester

Image: Untitled 2016 by Anya Gallaccio in Manchester (photo credit to Michael Pollard)

Anya Gallaccio who was nominated for the Turner Art Prize in 2003 has made her name creating transient works using organic material, famously placing hundreds of gerberas behind Perspex and coating gallery walls with chocolate in Stroke at the Jupiter ArtlandUntitled 2016 however is permanent as a life-size stainless steel replica of a tree situated beside the Whitworth gallery in Manchester, it is the artist’s “first permanent public work” – discounting a piece in Edinburgh, which she says is “more of a private public space”. Click here for more information courtesy of the BBC.

For The Multiple Store, Anya Gallaccio created a multiple called Cast that brings together a handful of real English acorns and one unique cast bronze acorn in a box specially produced by BookWorks for the project. The buyer is invited to plant the acorns for the future, keep them to dry out and die or throw them away, leaving only the cast acorn. Cast has both the association with throwaway culture and that of permanence. Click here for more information and to buy Cast.

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