COLOURED WORKS ON PAPER, a David Shrigley solo exhibition at Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen until 15 March

A solo exhibition of new works by David Shrigley titled COLOURED WORKS ON PAPER is currently on show at Copenhagen’s Galleri Nicolai Wallner (installation shot shown here courtesy of the gallery). The press release describes the show as follows:

Each work holds a specific focus. Some confront the viewer directly, with messages like “Attend more events”, “Fight the nonsense” and “I am afraid to make mistakes and it hinders my progress”, while some go at step beyond and ask questions like “Is this ok?” with another work answering “It’s ok”. Others are more demonstrative, with eggs, doors, sky, windows, body parts, signs, mirrors, birds, clocks, floating shapes and rubbish all capture our imagination along with their written descriptions.

For more information on this exhibition click here.

David Shrigley’s edition with The Multiple Store is ‘Brass Tooth’, an edition of 80 sculptures made of solid brass.

With ‘Brass Tooth’ Shrigley plays on our fear of the dentist’s chair by hugely exaggerating the size of the common molar, but confounds us by making it in solid, heavy brass. For more information and to buy this edition (which is now nearly sold out) click here.

David Shrigley: Brass Tooth
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