Corinne Felgate’s solo show ‘Bigger than the both of us’ at Rook & Raven Gallery (23 Jan – 28 Feb)

Opening on 23rd January at the Rook & Raven gallery, Bigger Than The Both of Us, a solo exhibition by acclaimed artist Corinne Felgate is comprised of two new major installations, Bigger than the Both of Us (MOMA) and Studio X Y Z, that draw on the artist’s on-going research into our collective relationship with the man-made environment, and how society’s perception of the manufacturing industry shapes our understanding of what it is to exist in the world today. To read the full press release, go to the Rook & Raven website.

Baby's got the Wedgwood Blues_MG_5675 (small)Baby’s got the Wedgwood Blues, Corinne Felgate’s edition with The Multiple Store was launched in late 2014 and more information is available here. This edition is available for viewing and purchasing at Rook and Raven during the exhibition.