Cornelia Parker and Liliane Lijn’s works in ‘A Lesson of Sculpture’ at the Henry Moore Institute (24/Mar-19/Jun)

Image: Liliane Lijn’s Atom Body Was Light 1964 from the Leeds City Art Gallery collection.

Cornelia Parker and Liliane Lijn’s work will be part of a forthcoming group exhibition, A Lesson in Sculpture, at the Leeds’ Henry Moore Institute surrounding the themes and works of British sculptor John Latham. Other artists in the show include Marcel Broodthaers, Barry Flanagan, Mary Kelly,  Michelangelo Pistoletto, and Carey Young among others. For information about the show, that runs from 24th March to 19th June, click here.

Cornelia Parker’s multiple for The Multiple Store

Following a first series of meteorite landings on London locations in 1998, for her second series for The Multiple Store (‘METEORITE LANDS… IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE: The American series’, 2001), Cornelia Parker produced a second series of  meteorite landings. These consist of ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ made by heating a 400 year old iron meteorite until glowing hot and then using it to burn the map at six mythic locations in of the American South.

Of the six locations of this second series, only three are still available;
Missing:  Waco (Texas); Roswell (New Mexico) [SOLD OUT]; Truth or Consequences (New Mexico) [SOLD OUT]
Hitting:  Bagdad (Louisiana); Bethlehem (North Carolina); Paris (Texas) [SOLD OUT]

Click here for more information on Parker’s landings.

Cornelia Parker Meteorite Bethlehem

Liliane Lijn: Liquid Koan

With Liquid Koan Liliane Lijn’s multiple for The Multiple Store, has used translucent polyester resin to propose a paradox: layers of colour appear distinct and separate, or merge one into another, depending on the angle at which they are seen. The cone is seen as both solid and fluid within the medium of light. Liquid Koan is available to order on this website.


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