Cornelia Parker’s new exhibition ‘One Day This Glass Will Break’ at Alan Cristea, 34 Cork Street until 14/Nov

For her first solo exhibition at Alan Cristea Gallery, Cornelia Parker presents a new body of work that breathes new life into found objects. Parker’s exhibition ‘One Day This Glass Will Break ‘  is now open at 34 Cork Street and will run until 14/Nov. For more information, click here.

Cornelia Parker’s edition with The Multiple Store

Following a first series of meteorite landings on London locations in 1998, for her second series for The Multiple Store (‘METEORITE LANDS… IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE: The American series’, 2001), Cornelia Parker produced a second series of  meteorite landings. These consist of ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ made by heating a 400 year old iron meteorite until glowing hot and then using it to burn the map at six mythic locations in of the American South.

Of the six locations of this second series, only three are still available;
Missing:  Waco (Texas); Roswell (New Mexico); Truth or Consequences (New Mexico)
Hitting:  Bagdad (Louisiana); Bethlehem (North Carolina); Paris (Texas)

Click here for more information on Parker’s landings. Cornelia Parker Meteorite Bethlehem


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