David Shrigley’s Lose Your Mind in Guadalajara, Mexico until 28 February 2016

All images of this installation are courtesy of the British Council.

David Shrigley’s Lose Your Mind is currently on show at the Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara, Mexico and is on display until 28 February 2016. This exhibition has been organised by the British Council and features Ostrich (2009) a new acquisition for the British Council Collection, and Beginning, Middle and End (2009) a ‘giant continuous sausage’ crafted from clay that is rolled out and arranged in the gallery – this time with the help of art students in Guadalajara.

David Shrigley’s edition with The Multiple Store is ‘Brass Tooth’ where Shrigley plays on our fear of the dentist’s chair by hugely exaggerating the size of the common molar, but confounds us by making it in solid, heavy brass. For more information and to buy this edition (which is now nearly sold out) click here.

David Shrigley: Brass Tooth


All images below corresponding to the installation of Lose Your Mind are courtesy of the British Council.
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