Extra Terrestrial: Tess Jaray and Alison Wilding at the East Gallery, Norwich (26/Jan-19/Mar)

Extra Terrestrial is a new exhibition presented by the East Gallery at Norwich University, in collaboration with Kartsten Schubert and features works by two prominent artists, Tess Jaray and Alison Wilding and runs from 26th January to 19th March.

The title of the exhibition, ‘Extra Terrestrial’, is not, according to the press release, ‘an homage to popular film culture, but speaks in relation to both artists work, of their uniquely conceptual occupations with landscape, perspective and ontological objecthood. The works of Jaray and Wilding occupy physical and reflective space and offer the viewer an intervening layer of realised ‘otherness’, above and beyond either the picture plane or the physiognomy of sculpture –Wilding’s ‘Terrestrial’ being the specific reference in point.’

For more information click here to access the East GalleryNUA website.

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