Fiona Banner’s ‘Buoys Boys’ at the De La Warr Pavilion (24/Sep-8/Jan) as part of the Root 1066 International Festival

As part of the Root 1066 International FestivalFiona Banner presents an immersive installation at the Bexhill on Sea De La Warr Pavilion exploring her ongoing interest in language and its limitations. The exhibition, which takes place both inside and outside of the gallery, is a play on digital vs. material experiences.

Banner continues her Full Stop sculptures – a sequence of full stops from typefaces blown up to human scale, previously produced in polystyrene and bronze – reformed here as large inflatables.  They will be presented as a series of happenings around the Pavilion.  Full stops also feature in a vast window installation spanning the full length of the gallery, making illusory sculptural interventions, or Buoys, on the seascape beyond. To read more about this exhibition click here.

Fiona Banner has produced two editions for The Multiple Store, TABLE STOPS (which is directly connected to her large size sculpture series of Full Stops) and Book: 1/1 ( a print that is now nearly sold out) both available for sale on this website.

Fiona Banner: Table Stops
Fiona Banner


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