Junk, Keith Coventry’s solo exhibition at Paul Stolper (1/May-6/Jun)

Keith Coventry’s new solo exhibition Junk is currently on show at Paul Stolper in Bloomsbury.  Junk consists of a portfolio of nine new prints, five etchings and four lithographs. The series depicts highly detailed segments of the McDonald’s logo; the etchings in minimalist colours of yellow, red (shown here courtesy of Paul Stolper) and blue, and the lithographs in black and white. For the full press release click here.

Keith Coventry; Inhailer

Keith Coventry’s multiple with The Multiple Store is Inhaler, pictured here. What at first appears to be a true-to-size plastic model of an asthma inhaler turns into an object with a very different recent history. Life-enhancer for some, the inhaler, once redundant, takes on another life as a travelling pipe for the urban crack addict. For Keith Coventry this was a departure from painting and from his previous large-scale work in bronze into a new, non-traditional material – cast plastic. Inhaler is available to order on this website.

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