Liliane Lijn’s moonmeme will be shown at Barnaby Festival 2016, Macclesfield

Coming up on the 17th of June, Liliane Lijn has been commissioned by Barnaby Festival in Macclesfield to show moonmeme (1992-ongoing), a real-time computer simulation presented in a special immersive installation within the confines of the 15th century Savage Tower at St Michael’s Church. In a work that demonstrates the interlocking of opposites, Lijn writes the single word SHE across the moon in letters large enough to be seen from earth. Over the course of the lunar monthly cycle, the movements of moon, earth and sun reveal that HE is contained within SHE and SHE emerges from HEFor more information please click here.

Liliane Lijn: Liquid Koan

With Liquid Koan Liliane Lijn’s multiple for The Multiple Store, has used translucent polyester resin to propose a paradox: layers of colour appear distinct and separate, or merge one into another, depending on the angle at which they are seen. The cone is seen as both solid and fluid within the medium of light. Liquid Koan is available to order on this website.

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