Sarah Dobai’s Principles & Deceptions at Filet Filet from 13 May

Sarah Dobai’s Principles & Deceptions is a new exhibition on show at Filet Filet from 13 May.

Principles & Deceptions features recent photographs by Sarah Dobai. The selected images portray commercial vitrines as pictures of the material desire and illusionism that figure both on the streets of contemporary London and Paris and in Gogol’s St Petersburg. Gogol’s novella The Overcoat, recently re-published with new works by Sarah Dobai, provides the starting point for this exhibition.

The Overcoat was published by Four Corners Books as the 10th in its Artist Familiar Series.

About ‘STUDIO’ Sarah Dobai’s edition for The Multiple Store

Sarah Dobai works across photography, film and video. Images of people predominate in her work but there is another aspect of her photography in which the subject matter shifts to unpeopled places. The three studies in this edition, collectively titled “Studio”, picture inanimate objects suggesting a metaphorical human presence.

Still-life was a departure for Sarah Dobai that began with Study, an image of an empty chair in her studio. The images in Studio are still-lives that cross the traditional boundaries of the genre with an approach that relates more to portraiture.

Studio reflects Dobai’s interest in the history of still-life in documentary photography, particularly in Walker Evans’ documentation of the Depression in 1930’s America and in the work of Wols the Surrealist painter and photographer.


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