Anya Gallaccio’s new solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego

Anya Gallaccio’s new solo exhibition has just opened at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego (MCASD) Downtown, Jacobs Building and will run until November 1st. Gallaccio is known for installations that employ organic materials that are subject to change and decay—flowers and fruit, sugar and ice—even as her work is inflected with a minimalist vocabulary suggesting durability and timelessness. For this exhibition, Gallaccio worked with students to build an unlikely technology: a 3D printer for clay to render a version of the iconic national monument, Devils Tower. Gallaccio joins a primal art material, clay, with a futuristic innovation, the 3D printer. Click here to read more about this exhibition.

For The Multiple Store, Anya Gallaccio created a multiple called Cast that brings together a handful of real English acorns and one unique cast bronze acorn in a box specially produced by BookWorks for the project. The buyer is invited to plant the acorns for the future, keep them to dry out and die or throw them away, leaving only the cast acorn. Cast has both the association with throwaway culture and that of permanence. Click here for more information and to buy Cast.

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