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Corinne Felgate’s new commissions at Hughenden Manor and The Burton Gallery

We recently caught up with Corinne Felgate when she participated, with Simon Periton, in the first of our artists-in-conversation series of events accompanying the exhibition ‘The Multiple Store @ Canary Wharf”.

Among her most recent projects, Corinne’s Man and Matter, a new large-scale outdoor commission for the National Trust, is on display at Hughenden Manor until the 31st of October. Click here for more information. and watch a video here.

Corinne has also presented a new commission at the Burton Gallery and Museum, using the ancient pigment Bideford Black and the exhibition, that features another seven artists, runs until 13th November 2015. A film trailer for the project is available to view here (and to which the screenshot above belongs, courtesy of Burton Gallery).

In addition to those commissions, The Ode Blower,  a new permanent sculpture for the Old Clare Hotel, Sydney, Australia is now on display. It’s a series of 10 site-specific poems written by the artist and played through a 1930’s candlestick telephone. 


Corinne Felgate's Baby's Got the Wedgwood Blues on a mantelpieceBaby’s got the Wedgwood Blues, Corinne Felgate’s edition with The Multiple Store, also on display at the Lobby of One Canada Square,  continues the artist’s fascination for the metamorphosis of the ceramics industry which started during her residency at Steelite International. She was later commissioned to create a pavilion which formed the centrepiece of the 2013 British Ceramics Biennial where the artist produced a quasi-shrine to industry and the process of production, rejection and selection.

Baby’s got the Wedgwood Blues was launched in late 2014 and can be ordered on this website. Click here to read an interview with Felgate about this work and her multi-disciplinary practice.


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PRESS RELEASE: The Multiple Store launches BABY’S GOT THE WEDGWOOD BLUES by Corinne Felgate

New limited edition multiple by

Corinne Felgate


Launch price: £750

Commissioned by The Multiple Store

Following recent news that (despite the uncertain future of the brand), the world-famous Wedgwood Collection has been ‘saved for the nation’ through a national appeal that raised £15m, Baby’s got the Wedgwood Blues draws on the heyday of Stoke-on-Trent’s iconic Wedgwood pottery in an attempt to visualise a future potential for one of Britain’s last industrial heritage brands.

‘’ With Wedgwood’s future less certain than ever, I wanted to create a work that could mark this unique tipping point in time.  The Wedgwood brand has always been synonymous with status and luxury, themes that many of my works explore and indeed often deconstruct. With Baby’s got the Wedgwood Blues the idea of luxury is undercut through the “shonky” finish of the objects, their deliberate imperfection draws our attention to the labour entailed in producing these familiar domestic items; they become more human because of it.’

The three ceramic forms are taken from Wedgwood’s vast body of vases and urns, which were inspired by the classical roman pots being excavated from all over Europe in the mid-1700’s, most notably the Portland vase that Josiah Wedgwood saw on display in London in 1786, later producing his own version in his trademark Jasperware.

The flocked surface of the sculptures draws on Wedgwood’s lust for experimentation with surface colour and texture, and has been painstakingly matched to Wedgwood’s classic blues used on the Jasperware collections, which in turn endeavoured to emulate the tones and forms utilised on the roman artefacts he was so inspired by.

Each piece is hand-produced by the artist in her studio and finished in an industrial flocking factory, the fabrication of the edition itself miming the pottery’s evolution from craft, to industry, to art.

The edition size also echoes that of Wedgwood’s Portland vase, which was also produced in a limited edition of 30.

See our interview with the artist

Corinne Felgate

Corinne Felgate’s practice examines our relationship to luxury, power, failure, sexuality and industry through the exploration of everyday objects. More recently her research has focussed specifically on our cultural, and physiological relationship to making & industry in the digital age and has involved the rekindling or reworking of pre-industrial processes.

Baby’s got the Wedgwood Blues’ continues the artist’s fascination for the metamorphosis of the ceramics industry which started in 2013, when she was awarded the ‘Artists Into Industry’ residency for the 2013 British Ceramics Biennial at Steelite International ceramics factory in Stoke-on-Trent. She was later commissioned to create a pavilion which formed the centrepiece of the Biennial where the artist produced a quasi-shrine to industry and the process of production, rejection and selection.

Her work has been commissioned by numerous organisations including ArtsAdmin; Tate Modern, Maison de la Culture, Amiens; The National Gallery and The British Ceramics Biennial, and she has exhibited/performed with institutions including David Roberts Art Foundation (London) Oriel Sycharth (Wales), Palazzo Grassi (Italy) and Inhotim (Brazil).


For more information, images and a detailed biography, please contact:

Nicholas Sharp
Email:  or Telephone: +44 (0) 7760 666518 (mobile) or +44 (0) 20 8735 2828 (landline)


The Multiple Store is the only UK company specialising in commissioning editions of sculptural and other works in 3D.

Founded as a not-for-profit organisation in 1998, we work with leading contemporary artists including Turner Prize nominees Fiona Banner, Anya Gallaccio, Langlands & Bell, Cornelia Parker, David Shrigley and Alison Wilding. Other commissioned artists include Keith Coventry, Peter Liversidge, and Simon Periton.

The Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Yale Center for British Art; the British Council, the Arts Council of England, the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum are among the many international collections that have purchased our editions.

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