Simon Periton creates ‘Resistance is Fertile’ for Waddesdon Manor’s parterre

Two sculptural bedding installations designed by artist Simon Periton (b. 1964) are now on display on the Parterre of Waddesdon Manor, continuing the tradition of three-dimensional bedding begun by Alice de Rothschild. To read more about this installation, click here.

“Part of the joy of visiting Waddesdon is its complexity – the diverse historical and architectural layers and elements that make up the building, the grounds, and their history, as well as the eclectic artworks and artefacts that form the house’s collection (and its many collections within a collection). It’s a complete experience that you immerse yourself in.” 

Simon Periton, 2015

Simon Periton has published two multiples with The Multiple Store, Barbiturate II made in clear, borosilicate (reinforced) glass and A Sunken Owl Prunes a print where the title is an anagram for Unknown Pleasures, an oil on glass that Periton had painted in 2007. These multiples are available for purchase via this website, click here to order.

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