Terminal Blue: Tom Dale at Southampton’s John Hansard Gallery until the 7th of February

Two of Tom Dale’s major recent works, Terminal Blue and Infinity are currently on show as part of a solo exhibition at Southampton’s John Hansard Gallery until 7th of February. Terminal Blue is a giant banner of a dark-to-light-blue colour swatch being towed by a plane through the ether at certain times of day, as advertised in the local paper. Gallery-based Infinity Wall features images of the art space that are being constantly recorded, printed and shredded to make a nest of scrapped moments. Meanwhile, an ornate suburban conservatory has had its double glazing removed and been stuffed with books the artist bought in job lots from car boot sales. For more information go to the John Hansard Gallery website.

For The Multiple Store, Tom Dale has produced The Mighty Crowns, which takes its name from a set of rockets that illuminate the sky with crown-like formations; he has performed a simple substitution by casting them in bronze. It is a set of three rocket-like bronzes, available for purchase on this website.

Tom Dale: The Mighty Crowns

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