Tom Dale is at the TRIO Bienal in Rio, Brazil and at the Centre d’Art, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Tom Dale: The Mighty Crowns

Artist Tom Dale is having a busy 2015. After his solo show at the John Hansard gallery, Southampton that is due to tour to NIMAC in Nicosia, Cyprus, Tom is currently participating in the TRIO Bienal in Rio de Janeiro Brazil as part of ‘Reverberations – Crossed Borders of Three-dimensionality’ where he is also showing his edition with The Multiple Store ‘The Mighty Crowns’, illustrated above.

For The Mighty Crowns, which takes its name from a set of rockets that illuminate the sky with crown-like formations, he has performed a simple substitution by casting them in bronze. The weight of the bronze from which they are made tells us that (like strange sceptres) these rockets will never fly, nor will they explode to light up the night-time sky.

“I see these attempts to reach the infinite as rituals that try to fix meaning, just as the grand memorials and monuments in bronze try, but ultimately fail, to fix memories in time.”

Tom Dale, 2014

Tom’s work is also included in The Thousand-Thigh Hospice:experiments in healing a six-week long programme of exhibitions, performances, concerts, conferences, workshops that run until 3 October 2015 in Neuchatel, Switzerland and that celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Centre d’Art Neuchatel. For The Thousand-Thigh Hospice:experiments in healing a Tom has created a new sculpture ‘Last Night Was Different’ (image below, courtesy of the artist) is the latest in a line of inflatable objects produced using unconventional materials.


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