Twofold, Peter Liversidge’s Representation of Duality at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York (10 Sep – 22 Oct)

Twofold, Peter Liversidge’s new solo exhibition is opening on September 10th at Sean Kelly Gallery, New York.

Known for his conceptually based practice wherein each work begins as a typewritten proposal, Twofold will present twelve of Liversidge’s proposals and ten realized works. Utilizing a wide range of mediums, including drawing, painting, performance, photography, and sculpture, the works on view in Twofold play with duality, both through their tangible materiality — being composed or consisting of two items, parts, etc., together — and in their psychology — having a double character or nature. Liversidge says, “No matter how close, in subject or proximity, two separate nearly identical images or objects cannot be seen with the same level of detail and concentration at exactly the same time. It is this conscious act of looking at or between two similar images / objects that is integral to the work.”

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Image courtesy of the artist and Sean Kelly Gallery.

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