‘White Black Gold’ Keith Coventry’s new work at PACE London

Image: An installation shot from White Black Gold courtesy of PACE London

White Black Gold, an exhibition of new work by Keith Coventry will be on view at PACE London at the ground floor galleries of 6 Burlington Gardens from 27 April to 28 May 2016.

From the PACE London press release:

‘In White Black Gold, Coventry continues his multi-decade exploration of the relationship between Modernism and its manifestations in the contemporary. In the exhibition—comprised of two new bodies of work and a monumental bronze—Coventry disabuses Modernism of its utopian promise, locating its residue in the debris of the social landscape.’

Keith Coventry; Inhailer

Keith Coventry’s multiple with The Multiple Store is Inhaler, pictured here. What at first appears to be a true-to-size plastic model of an asthma inhaler turns into an object with a very different recent history. Life-enhancer for some, the inhaler, once redundant, takes on another life as a travelling pipe for the urban crack addict. For Keith Coventry this was a departure from painting and from his previous large-scale work in bronze into a new, non-traditional material – cast plastic. Inhaler is available to order on this website.


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